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It’s not hard to see Chanell’s team spirit in and out of the salon. With roots originating from Denver, Chanell faithfully follows the Broncos and Rockies seasons as much as she possibly can.

Being the first employee of Lil’ B’s Salon for kids, Chanell happily started trimming away back in September of 2008. Having salon industry in her blood, no style too extravagant has scared her away. While she loves her bold, bright reds and deep magenta tones, give her some ribbons, nail polish, or anything to braid and she’s quite at home.

While she feels like all she does at her other real home is clean, in all reality, her boy and girl are her pride and joy. If Chanell’s not having fun with the kids’ sports and art, or Xbox and animals, she prefers to be gathered ’round the kitchen table dining on a good ol-fashioned home-cooked meal she just prepared.